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Collection: Bulk Beef & Pork Shares

Arrowhead Beef is proud to sell Quarters, Halves and Whole options for all of our Beef and Pork.


Parthenais Beef (grass-finished beef)  - Berkshire Pork (pastured pork)
Wagyu Beef : NOW AVAILABLE  - Angus Beef (corn-finished)

Current Timeline.  This is constantly changing as the farm schedule is subject to many, many factors.

Updated October 20th 2021

First Come First Served in the order that deposits are placed. 

You are automatically rolled to the next harvest date as they fill up.


PORK  : Lead Time TBD

5 Hogs Harvest End of 2021/Beginning of 2022: OPEN

 * animal count and date is our best estimate, all TBD


PARTHENAIS : GRASS-FED/FINISHED BEEF  : Lead Time Approximately 12 weeks from date of deposit

This is a moving target.  It is our goal.  Increased demand and Mother Nature will be the reason we have to push any orders as time passes.

3 Steers in November: FULL

2 Steers in December: FULL

3 Steers in January : FULL

3 Steers in February: OPEN


 * animal count and date is our best estimate, all TBD



ANGUS: CORN FINISHED BEEF  : Lead Time Approximately 8 weeks from date of deposit

This is a moving target.  It is our goal.  Increased demand and Mother Nature will be the reason we have to push any orders as time passes.

2 Steers in January: OPEN

2 Steers in February: OPEN



Private Reserve Grass-Finished Wagyu Beef


These steers will only be sold by the 1/4  $8.00/lb Hanging Weight  
1/4 Weight expected to be 225 lbs
First come, first served

1 Steer TBD End 2021/2022 : OPEN (2 spots open)

1 Steer TBD Spring 2022 : OPEN (4 spots open)


Anyone with a deposit is automatically rolled over to the next available date.

If you have paid but have not heard from us. Do not worry. 

Your name and deposit has been received.  

Send me an email  info@arrowheadbeef.com with your questions and to receive an update on our estimated schedule for your purchase.   



Deposit is non-refundable after we confirm your harvest date and you accept the schedule.


How It Works :

Step 1 : Pick your beef or pork share and pay for deposit online

Step 2 : Have patience. We will contact you with the estimated harvest, butcher and pick up date of your selection.

Step 2.5 : Have more patience.

Step 3: We will send a copy of the Custom Cut Sheet for you to prepare your selections.

Step 4: We will review your selections together then we butcher and package to freeze your meat.

Step 5: Either you pick up or we ship/deliver (fee) your meats and you pay the balance.


The Details : PLEASE READ

Harvest date is NOT the butcher date.  This is the date it is killed.  Butcher date is 1 week after for Pork and 2-3 weeks after for Beef.  Then allow time to freeze and THEN YOU PICK UP.

Prices are all listed as $/lb for the hanging weight of the animal.   Hanging weight is NOT the take home weight.  It is the carcass weight before it is butchered.


Price includes the meat and all processing fees (kill fee, butcher and packaging) but excludes shipping


All items are vacuum packed.  Vacuum packed is good for 1-2 years (beef) and 1 year (pork).


Shipping prices are subject to the finished product weight. Average shipping fee for Half Beef is $200 and Half Pork is $100.  This depends on the final weight and your location.


You have the option to pick up your meat for FREE from Westville Meats or the farm in Chipley, FL.


Shipping fee is assessed after animal is cut and packed.


If you purchase a share, what you are buying at checkout this is YOUR DEPOSIT. 



Given the nature of how this works you need to purchase your Bulk Meat Share separately from any retail items you may want shipped to you before. 


Deposits are taken before we butcher your animal with the balance due upon pickup/shipment.  This is a nominal deposit that represents your interest in an animal.


The balance will be paid via cash or check. If a credit card is run we will charge 3%.  This only applies to Bulk Meat Shares.


Once we receive your custom cut instructions your deposit is non-refundable.


Freezer space rule of thumb: 1 cu ft for every 30 – 40 lbs of meat.


Private Reserve Grass-Finished Wagyu Beef

Quarter Cow      $8.00/lb
1/2 Cow             n/a 
Whole Cow        n/a


Parthenais Grass Finished Beef : The Breakdown


Quarter Cow      $5.95/lb

1/2 Cow             $5.65/lb 

Whole Cow        $5.35/lb 


Weights:  Range of Cow Weights (whole animal, middle number is average. Take home assumes Standard Cut Selection

Hanging Weight (lbs) 550-700-850     Take Home (lbs) 340-440-520


The Cuts

Standard Beef Cuts:
  • Chuck Roast
  • Sirloin Tip Roast
  • Brisket
  • Rump Roast
  • Shank
  • Short Ribs
  • T-Bone
  • Rib Eye
  • Sirloin
  • Ground Beef
  • Stew Meat
  • Soup Bones
  • Offal 
  • Flank & Skirt Steak

Typical take home breakdown with Standard Cut Selection.

  • Ground Beef & Stew Meat 40%
  • Roasts 30%
  • Steaks 20%
  • Misc items 10%


You Select:

  • Steak thickness
  • How many steaks in each pack pack
  • Size of ground beef packs (standard is 1#)
  • Which roasts to keep or grind
  • Other custom requests
  • Keep or pass on offal



 Pastured Berkshire Pork : The Breakdown

Heritage Berkshire Pork from Arrowhead Beef: All Natural (No Hormones or Antibiotics).  Pasture raised and happy; our pigs are brought up in small batches (a single litter at a time) and roam freely.  Their supplemental diet is focused on non-GMO corn and cornmeal (milled locally).  Berkshire Pork is known for superior flavor and long and meaty bellies (i.e. bacon!).

Weights:  Range of Pig Weights (whole animal, middle is average)

Hanging Weight (lbs) 180-200-220     Take Home (lbs) 135-150-165


Prices: $/lb for hanging weight

1/2  Pig  $4.75/lb

Whole Pig  $4.25/lb


The Cuts

Standard Pork Cuts 
  • Pork Chops
  • Boston Butt
  • Picnic Roast
  • Hocks
  • Belly (bacon)
  • Spare Ribs
  • Tenderloin
  • Ground Pork
  • Pan Sausage (seasoned ground pork)
  • Link Sausage (smoked ground pork in link casing)
  • Ham Roast
Percentage Breakdown by General Category
  • Belly 15% 
  • Chops 15% 
  • Roasts (Hams & Boston Butts) 40%  
  • Ribs 5%  
  • Hocks 5%  
  • Trim/Ground Pork 20%


You choose:

  • Chop thickness. 
  • Keep or grind roasts.
  • Keep or grind hocks.  
  • What items to smoke
  • Other custom requests


Extra items upon request: Neck bones and organs.


Smoked Meats: 

Any item can be smoked using Pecan wood from our farm.  Bacon, hocks and hams are the most popular items to smoke.  An extra fee of $2/lb will be added for smoking.  This is on the actual pre-smoked meat weight, not a hanging weight calculation.

 Another option is to make your ground pork into smoked sausage. This costs $3 lb. Our smoked sausage is a local favorite! It is made into 1/4 lb links in natural gut casing before smoking; our flavors include Jalapeno Cheddar, Original, Spicy and Bourbon Molasses. 

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