Pickup and Purchase : Open Monday April 29th : 3 - 6 o'clock (or a wee bit later)

Local Options

Howdy Everyone,

This page will help serve as useful information for anyone who lives in the local area; Pensacola to Tallahassee and from Dothan to Panama City.  For those of you who would be inclined to come to the farm and purchase and pick up meat.

We absolutely encourage visiting us at the farm in Chipley but...

We are NOT a regular store with regular business hours.  Rather, our farm location is the home of our equipment and hay and cows and the walk-in freezer where all the delicious meat is located. What this means is there is not a dedicated person always available to host guests since everyone is out working; whether it's at one of our many field locations, at the butcher shop or other myriad destinations.  In fact, we are such a small operation that Tony is the only one who currently facilitates local farm purchase.  That is also who is writing this, so...hello!

How To Purchase Local (different options)

  • Farmer's Markets in S. Walton County (Tony)

                                    Saturday : Seaside, FL : 9-1  o'clock                                                                      Sunday : TBD Blue Mountain Beach 

  • Farmer's Markets around Panama City (Matt and Blair)
                                Call/Text Blair directly 850 557 2617
  • Order online, pick up at farm (at available designated time)
  • Drop in at designated time and Grab n' Go (no pre-order necessary)
  • Local Delivery option (valid Destin to PCB) Text Tony directly 850 270 8804


I am only one person...

This is why I post on the top banner of the website the next dedicated day and time that I am available at the farm.  And because Monday is the day I pack internet orders to ship that evening, Monday's are the best, most consistent day to count on swinging by the farm.

I also encourage calling or texting to find out any additional opportunities to swing by.  The office line (which connects to my cell phone) is 850 270 8804.  And because I don't live at the farm, that's why I'm not available every day.  And because my job at the Chipley location is focused on shipping orders and managing inventory, that's why I'm normally there Monday's and other random days/times (loading for deliveries, restocking shelves, etc.).

This may all sound complicated but once you swing by once it will all make more sense.

Advantages of coming to the farm location:

  • Pricing at the farm is based on an exact $/lb for each item while the website is listed as a $/piece.  Suffice to say, purchase in-person is exact and online is based on an average.
  • Inventory on the website may not be completely up-to-date, which means I may have more of an item(s) in person than appears online.
  • Pay Cash and get a bit of a discount :)
  • There are a few other items available in person not listed on the website.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • We prefer cash or check but we can run a credit card
  • It is recommended to bring your own cooler, depending on the distance or time of year you can get away without one or you can purchase one from us.

That's it for now.  Pop in and pick up some meat!  I will do everything in my power to facilitate your visit but just remember...I'm only one person :)



Tony and The Moos

(850) 270 8804