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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Arrowhead Beef better than the other guys?

Herd Life Harmony

This is our creed and words we live by here at Arrowhead Beef. We believe that great beef comes from great cows, and great cows must have a sustainable, humane life for their entirety. We have happy pasture-raised cows, simple as that.

Parthenais Breed

This French breed of cattle (pronounced par-than-ay) is world renowned for producing lean and tender beef. But you won’t find these cows just anywhere – well suited for Florida climate and suitably adapted to our grass-fed program, they truly are a step above Angus!

Local Processing

From our co-op of farmers in Chipley, Florida to our USDA plant in neighboring Westville, everything we do happens in one local area. We don’t ship our cows to factories and we process in small batches, much like a craft brewery. This helps us stay as “farm direct” as possible, ensuring the meat you put on your table is as if we were YOUR local butcher.

Shipping Questions

Where and How Do You Ship?

We ship to most states in the Continental U.S. using UPS. We will supply you with a tracking code upon shipping your cooler. States we do not currently ship to are only Alaska & Hawaii.  Most shipments are defaulted to UPS Ground if it will arrive in 2-3 days.  For those that live further or want it faster you can select expedited shipping at checkout.

When do you ship and when will my order arrive?

We ship once every week on Tuesdays.  Your arrival date will depend on your region but everyone's order will arrive by end of day Friday. We will supply you with a UPS tracking number when we ship your cooler for you to monitor at your leisure.

Selecting 2 Day or Overnight Shipping does not mean your order will ship the day you place it.  It means it will ship to your specifications ON OUR SHIPMENT DAY.  

Some regions only have these options listed because the distance is too far to use UPS Ground.

How does it arrive?

We pack all orders in Lo Boy Foam Coolers, fill ‘em with dry ice and whisk them to your door using UPS. Upon arrival, your meat should be frozen or cold to the touch. As long as it is still cold it is safe to put in your freezer or cook that day. Lo-Boy Coolers are extremely light but highly insulated so consider keeping it for your own use!

How much does it cost to ship?

Cost of shipping is based on two elements: total weight of your order and where you live. We absorb some of the cost of shipping to make it as affordable as possible.  The most popular cooler sizes hold 10 and 20 lbs of meat each with average shipping costs around $35.

Questions about our Meat

Why do meat weights vary?

Meat weights are not all exactly the same. We're selling cuts of meat, after all, each of which is hand-cut from different cows. Like fingerprints, every cow is a little different resulting in slight variations in the steaks that are cut from them. Since we don't use hormones to boost our cow's weights, pushing them to an unnatural limit, each animal finishes at different sizes. This translates into steaks that are a little bigger or smaller depending on the cow. We do our best to match your order as perfectly as possible but please understand that some items may be heavier or lighter depending on availability. Because of the slight variance in steak sizes, we will do our best to over deliver when possible. 

We also offer different size ranges for certain cuts because of this variance so if you want to make sure you get a bigger steak just select the larger option before checking out!

Questions about our Processes

Are your cows 100% grass-fed?

All of our beef that is listed under Grass Fed and Grass Finished adheres to this 100%.  For this animal that means that after they are weaned from their mother’s milk they are fed a complete grass and forage fed (harvested grasses) diet for their entire lives. Our grass-fed beef cows never eat corn or any other grain.  Our Wagyu Beef cows do eat corn to finish them which creates their unique marbling.  

Do you use hormones or antibiotics?

No, we never use any added growth hormones and we never administer Antibiotics.  This is true for all of our livestock.

Do you age your meat?

Yes, we currently do a Minimum 28 Day Dry Age on all of our grass-fed beef. This helps to tenderize the meat and enhances its flavor. Many steakhouses use a similar method to age their beef.  Our Wagyu beef is processed at a different facility and currently undergoes a shorter wet age program.  Due to the nature of Wagyu beef it doesn't require as much aging giving its inherent fatty marbling and tenderness.

Where do you process your meat?

We process and butcher our cows at our very own USDA certified plant in Westville, Florida.  Which just so happens to be down the road and over the hill from us in Chipley, Florida. There, our team carefully butchers and vacuum seal each piece before freezing it and shipping it to you.