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value pack from arrowhead beef

Value Pack

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We know how important variety can be, as well as keeping everything in a budget. That’s why we created our own Grass Fed Beef Value Pack, which is full of cuts from every category, all at one great low price. Now you can enjoy Premium Steaks one night, make hamburgers on the weekend and still have plenty of meat left for the following weeks.

The Value Pack Includes (weights are approximate)

  • 3 lbs Steak (Mix of Premium & Contemporary)
  • 3 lbs Boneless Culinary (Kabobs & Fajitas)
  • 3 lbs Bone-In culinary (Mix of Shank & Short Ribs)
  • 4 lbs Roast (One of any of our delicious roasts)
  • 2 lbs Stew
  • 5 lbs Ground Beef.

Size: Total pack size is 20 lbs

Cook: Mix of all cooking methods depending on the cut

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Brad Kaiser
Thank You!

I love the selection you have and the service you are providing is essential to all of our health. Thank You!

Krystle Rios

We love the beef so much. All the cuts have been amazing. The ribeye and NY strip we’re yummy. We were worried about the ground beef because we don’t usually eat too much of it but we had friends over for burgers and they were perfect. Also made meatballs and meatloaf. Yum! Just pulled out the short rib for tonight. Can’t wait to get low in the deep freezer to get some more!

The more beef you eat, the happier we ALL are :)

The Best!!!

The best friendly service and top-notch quality tasting meats ever!

Ah shucks, you're making us blush. Thank you!!

Lauren W
Excellent Variety Pack

We have enjoyed working through the variety of products in the value pack. Some cuts we were trying for the first time, and everything has been excellent. The biggest surprise was the beef shank, the meat and marrow were delicious!

Marrow is, in my humble opinion, the singe greatest treat of the entire cow. Glad you are enjoying the 'first timers' and do come back for more of what you love.

Awesome Service

Great people to deal with. My package arrived quickly and still frozen. The taste is wonderful. I will be placing another order soon. Thanks for a great experience.

Fantastic! We have a small but dedicated team here and we are all thrilled to know our efforts are making their way all the way to your doorstep.