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grass fed Shank (Osso Bucco) from Arrowhead Beef

Shank (Osso Bucco)

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A cut unlike any other, Shank, commonly referred to as Osso Bucco, is a portion of meat from the leg bone.  This classic Italian dish is very nutritious and flavorful owing to the marrow in the bone.

Size: Each individual piece is 1 – 2 lbs

Cook: Braising, Roasting

Customer Reviews

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Leah Floyd
[****] plus

We bought half a pig and half a cow from Arrowhead and so far everything has been delicious.

Half pig/ half cow. Looks funny, tastes, delicious :)

Connie Loomis

You gave a description of great grill steaks
I am sorry they taste horrible maybe I had the wrong idea of meat. But I am trying to help our local people is why I looked you up.

We are sorry to hear that these tasted horrible. We strive to only ship delicious meats!

I have a question...did you grill these? (as suggests from your comment)

This item is neither a steak nor an item that one should grill. It is a roast item that requires braising. Treat Shank like a small Chuck Roast.

Patricia Stuart
Beef [****]

I ordered 6 lbs of beef [****] to make Osso Bucco for a special dinner. OMG, they were out of this world! Very meaty and flavorful. I even ate the bone marrow it was sooo good. I will definitely be ordering again!

I sure hope you ate the bone marrow, that's 'prairie butter' for some of us. Best part of the whole shank! :)