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raw pet blend from arrowhead beef

Raw Pet Blend

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Our Raw Pet Blend is the perfect mix for Snoopy or Spike or whatever you’ve named your furry best friend.  Made from a blend of beef, fat, heart, liver, kidney, and tongue our Raw Pet Blend is so good you might be tempted to try some yourself.  Using meat and organs from our Arrowhead grass fed cows, our Raw Pet Blend makes for the ideal food for your pet.

The recipe is on average, 80% ground meat and 20% ground organs.  Each batch has variation.

Size: 2 lb Packages (when ordering as 2 lbs increments) 5 lb Packages (when ordering as 10, 20 or 40 lb increments)

Cook: Nope. Just feed it raw!  Or, yep, if you want to!

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Customer Reviews

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camille hambidge
Very satisfied with my order

The bone broth is excellent especially with turmeric and ginger. My dog loves the pet blend beef. All meat no fat. Will purchase again.

Anthony Higgins
My Dogs love The Pet Blend!

My dogs love the pet blend, I have given it to them raw or cooked, the prefer Raw...

Kevin K.
This is also medicine

While this is great for people too, I feed it to my dogs when they are sick, or after surgery, or if they had some ailment. I have one right now with a heart condition and this is ideal.

6 out of 5 dogs love our meat!

Robert M
Didn't go to the dogs...crying noises from the woof patrol..

The family farmers will save our country. Buy local not big box.
The Raw Pet Blend was great very tasty and delicious, not greasy. We need to order a lot more because the dogs found out that we ate their burgers. One of them watched me make my burger, waited until I wasn't looking then jumped up and gobbled it in one bite, then looked at me. "Well it was supposed to be for us anyway." The other dogs looked on in horror thinking that there was going to be an execution, but I had to laugh and gave the thief a hug. I swear she let out a sigh of relief.
We love our dogs but next time we are going to double the order because its so good. I had really forgotten beef could taste so good. keep it up. BTW you will need to expand your operation. Robert

Our beef is beloved by pets and their owners alike. You can only imagine how good my own doggo eats :) :)
PS Expansion noted; send fresh recruits!

Genevieve Maxon-Stark
Gift so didn’t use personally

My brother was thrilled and had asked so it especially. Thanks for such good wrapping and cooling! I will order again other things at later date.
Genevieve Maxon-Stark

It was my absolute pleasure! Until we serve you again.