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Private Reserve : Grass-Finished Wagyu 20 lb Pack

Private Reserve : Grass-Finished Wagyu 20 lb Pack

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A new standard for grass-finished beef :

Wagyu & Parthenais Cross Breed

The only farm in the world to do it.

We harvested another steer and have a limited quantity of our delicious  100% grass-fed, grass-finished Wagyu beef.

The marbling of Japanese Wagyu Beef crossed with the genetics of French Parthenais that result in beautifully marbled, 100% grass-fed & grass-finished dry-aged beef. 

We have raised, harvested and now have available for a limited time small bundles of our 100% grass-fed, grass-finished Wagyu beef.

Normally our grass-fed beef is all from our French Parthenais breed of cattle.  And normally our Wagyu beef is corn finished.  We recently harvested one special Wagyu steer that we raised on the 100% grass-fed diet and it turned out....AMAZING!

Because there is limited availability we have created small assortment packs so that you can enjoy a little bit of everything.

The total weight is approximately 18-22 lbs.


     Pack Includes  Approximately 20 lbs of mixed cuts.

You do not get every cut. 

Not every box is identical.

These are all from one steer.  

These are approximate piece quantities to yield approximately 18-22 lbs.

  • Ground Beef (7+ lbs)
  • Steak (Ribeye / T-Bone / NY Strip / Filet / Sirloin/ Skirt / Flank) (2-3 pcs)
  • Roast (Chuck Roast, Brisket, Rump, Sirloin Tip Roast) (1-2 pcs)
  • Shank & Short Ribs (2-3 pcs)
  • Stew Beef (2 lbs)
  • Round Steak (1 pc)

Helpful Notes :

DESCRIPTION:  This is NOT like traditional Wagyu beef and it is NOT like traditional Parthenais beef.  It is a cross, which means it has less intense marbling than corn-finished Wagyu and more fat than traditional grass-fed beef. 

FLAVOR: It is dry aged like our Parthenais, with full bone-in cut steaks.  Since it's grass-fed/finished it will be more "beefy" and not have the normal Wagyu "sweetness" because grass, instead of corn is creating the marbling

FAT: More pronounced than our normal Parthenais.  Good intramuscular content in steaks.  Short ribs are always fatty, this cut is the highest concentration relative to meat of any cut in the entire animal. Ground Beef is roughly 85/15

UNIQUE: There are no other farms in the entire world that offer this cross breed and very few that even entertain grass-finished Wagyu in general.  

This is unique.  This is its own standard. 

This is what makes Arrowhead Beef, special as a small craft beef producer.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Kutsukos

Private Reserve : Grass-Finished Wagyu 20 lb Pack

The meat speaks for itself!

Elizabeth Kennedy
OMG This is amazing steak!

Last night my husband cooked up the private reserve Wagyu Grass finished Ribeye from our new Private Reserve 20 lb pack. HOLY MOLY it was delicious. I don't usually care for steak much (he loves it) but my body said YES YES YES to this steak, and I had some with him - and I LOVED it. It was so tender, fresh, flavorful. We've also had the ground beef which was dee-lish. Highly, highly recommended. :-)

We are so happy y'all are enjoying and appreciating the unique flavor and texture of grass-fed/finished Wagyu Beef. It really is a treat :)

Patrick Fagan III

So far I’ve only had the ground grass finished wagyu, but that was great. Lots of good fat and flavor. Exactly what I was looking for. Looking forward to cooking up some of the steaks very soon.

If you liked the ground beef you ought to love the rest of it. I appreciate you taking time to leave a review. It goes a long way to help tell other folks about what we offer here at Arrowhead Beef.

Susan Reetz
Butchers daughter loves your beef♥️

This was the best beef my Sons and I have had! My Dad was a butcher so he always picked out the best for us! We had a wagyu brisket that was exceptional!
And the wagyu hamburgers and ground beef are the best! Amazing flavor… I will order again and again! Especially the brisket grilled for parties!! Thank you Tony!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😊

Ah shucks, that was really nice. It means a lot for us to know that y'all appreciate what we have created here at Arrowhead Beef.

Patricia del Aguila
Great but the cuts…

Love the flavor, quality, etc. Have a problem with the number of packages of the same cut… not enough of the good, too many of the others.

Alas, each cow only provides us with so many steaks. We split up the boxes as equally as possible to mimic what is actually produced so each cooler is a representation of all the meat packaged; this way we aren't left with a bunch of ground beef at the end of the day.
Super glad you enjoyed the flavor!!