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grass fed hanger steak from arrowhead beef

Hanger Steak

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As written by the NY Times, "Hanging Tender (aka Hanger Steak) is chewy but tender and juicy, intensely flavorful, silky and fork tender.  On a more prosaic level, here is what hanger steak is: an inch thick, long (about 12 inches), narrow (about 5 inches), boneless, a diagonally grained piece of beef marbled with tenderizing, flavor-injecting fat.”

In other words, it’s pretty awesome.

Size: Each tender is 22 – 28 oz

Cook: Pan sear, saute or grill. Good to marinade.

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Jason Bryant
New favorite

This is absolutely my new favorite steak. Amazing flavor and amazing texture. It takes a little time to properly prep this steak. But it's worth every minute. Bring it to room temp and throw on you favorite dry rub, sear it a couple minutes on each side and rest it in foil. BEST STEAK EVER!

Now that's a steak you can 'hang' your hat on. Yet another fun pun!