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Half Hog : $5.00/lb

Half Hog : $5.00/lb

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This is a deposit only.  

Price is $5.00/lb for the hanging weight of the animal.

Average Hanging Weight : 100 lbs

Average Take Home Weight : 70 lbs


The Cuts

Standard Pork Cuts w/ average yield percentage:

Belly 15%  Chops 15%  Roasts (Hams & Boston Butts) 40%   Ribs 5%   Hocks 5%   Trim/Ground Pork 20%


You choose:

  • Chop thickness. 
  • Keep or grind roasts.
  • Keep or grind hocks.  
  • What items to smoke (belly, jowl, neck bones, hocks)
  • Other custom requests


Extra items upon request: Neck bones and organs.


Smoked Meats: 

Any item can be smoked using Pecan wood from our farm.  Bacon, hocks and hams are the most popular items to smoke.  An extra fee of $2/lb will be added for smoking.  This is on the actual pre-smoked meat weight, not a hanging weight calculation.

 Another option is to make your ground pork into smoked sausage. This costs $3.00 lb. Our smoked sausage is a local favorite! It is made into 1/4 lb links in natural gut casing before smoking; our flavors include my personally made organic spice blends of Breakfast (mild, lightly sweet) and Spicy (hot, no sweetness)


After you place your order we will call to discuss the time line and to get your customer cut instructions.


If you have any questions please call 850 270 8804


Deposit is non-refundable.

In order to receive Route Package Protection on your beef or pork order, you will be charged a portion of the Route cost with the initial deposit and the remaining balance (up to 3% of the order subtotal) on the final invoice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
James Rutledge
Good folks

Hard to find farm direct! Folks are good and enjoyed touring the place. Two thumbs up.

Always a pleasure. Thanks for both thumbs!

Excellent product and price

I've waited a bit to write this review so I could sample a good portion of the different cuts. I'm incredibly pleased with the half hog and the price per pound is incredibly reasonable. The meat was trimmed well and the flavor was great. We prefer thick cut bacon and this hit the mark with well balanced pieces, Just finished a Boston butt on the smoker for pulled pork this weekend and it was incredible. Enough fat for moisture and flavor but not overly fatty. I highly recommend Arrowhead Beef for their pork as well as the beef. Great customer service and pick-up was easy.

I too have waited to respond, but more due to procrastination, busy work load and also continually (and constantly) eating our own bacon. Who can blame us!?

Jason Oberle
Wished I had done it sooner

The quality of the meat is fantastic. Taste is unbeatable at a store. I’m afraid I’ll burn through the pork too quickly and have to order another before the year is out

Keep eating, we've got plenty of pigs!

Kristie Singley
Grass-fed and finished- Delicious

This is our first purchase of the pork. Great flavor! We will be purchasing again. Thanks Tony!

We'll keep the light on for you until you come back for more.

Abby Jenkins
Half hog

This was my first time ordering butchered meat. 5/5 for shipping my product to Hollywood,Fl. It arriving on time and completely frozen. 5/5 for the quality pork. Our family have never had pork chops so delicious. The bacon did not quite taste like bacon in the store however, It was still delicious just different. We will definitely be placing another order for next year.

I give you a 6/5 for such a sweet review. As for the bacon, if all we are doing is smoking it with a light rub...sort of makes you wonder what they're doing with it at the store?! ...don't worry, the bacon flavor will grow on you ;)