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Half Cow : $6.20/lb - Parthenais

Half Cow : $6.20/lb - Parthenais

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This is a deposit only.  

Price is $6.20/lb for the hanging weight of the animal.



Average Half Cow Hanging Weight : 300 - 400 lbs

Average Half Cow Take Home Weight : 180 - 250 lbs

The Cuts

Standard Beef Cuts: Chuck Roast, Tip Roast, Brisket, Rump Roast, Shank, Short Ribs, T-Bone, Rib Eye, Sirloin, Ground Beef, Stew Meat (optional to save soup bones & organ meats).


Typical take home breakdown with Standard Cut Selection.

  • Ground Beef & Stew Meat 40%
  • Roasts 30%
  • Steaks 20%
  • Misc items 10%


You Select:

  • Steak thickness
  • How many steaks in each pack pack
  • Size of ground beef packs (standard is 1#)
  • Which roasts to keep or grind
  • Other custom requests
  • Keep or pass on offal

After you place your order we will call to discuss the time line and to get your customer cut instructions.


If you have any questions please call 850 270 8804


Deposit is non-refundable after we confirm your harvest date and you accept the schedule.


In order to receive Route Package Protection on your beef or pork order, you will be charged a portion of the Route cost with the initial deposit and the remaining balance (up to 3% of the order subtotal) on the final invoice.


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Kurt Roof
Best experience; worth the wait!

The entire process was super easy, even for a first time buyer of bulk beef. The pork is also amazing as well. Grassfed beef is quite expensive, so buying in bulk appealed to me. Knowing the farmer, and the fact these cattle never change hands from being fed all the way to vacuum sealed in my freezer, is fantastic. Some of the best quality of beef you can find! I hope they are around for a LONG time….I’m sold for life.
I got to meet George (the farmer) as well when I picked up my order. Meeting him and talking about what all the DON’T put in the cattle will make you truly appreciate all they do. Both Tony and George are dedicated and compassionate about their animals. I’ll be getting back in line when the time comes, for certain! Easy drive from Tallahassee as well.

I think Kurt covered it all! All I can say is I hope we are around for a LONG TIME as well...that's our plan!!

5 Stars!

This is my first time purchasing a bulk share. The quality of the beef is fantastic, and Tony has been a pleasure. Will definitely be buying from Arrowhead again!

We are always happy to guide our virgin customers along the path of bulk shares!
See you again soon.

Kathy Graves
Best Grass Fed Beef We Have Ever Had

We moved from Montana where we ate a lot of wild game, Elk, Antelope, and Bison. We became very particular about beef.
This is by far the best grass fed beef we have ever eaten!! Outstanding!

Dealing with Tony in our scheduling for our half a beef, cut selections and delivery was an extreme pleasure. His expertise and guidance made our entire purchase go very smoothly. He even scouted up a chipper blade so that we could have coarse grind for our ground meat.
We will use Arrowhead for as long as we are here.

I too came from Montana and ate a lot of wild game (particularly fond of the Antelope). I must have started a trend...Wagon's East, to the prairies, er, hills, er, slightly swampy like fields of Florida and the fountain of beef!

Tony's expertise is usually focused on what he's eating so it is no surprise it aligns with the ins-and-outs of the Great Beef Machine here at Arrowhead.

Mark Zimmerman
Awesome stuff!

We tried some of the local offerings for grass fed beef and they didn’t hold a candle to the quality and price of the Arrowhead product. Despite the lockdowns and supply chain issues, staff kept us appraised of any delays and delivered a true value. This was well worth the drive and we won’t even bother looking anywhere else for our next beef share. This stuff could cure veganism for good.

Can't lock down our cows! They are the real cure for Veganitis!

100% delicious. satiisfied and will be repeat customer.

This was my first time buying half a cow. Exceeded my expectations. The beef is excellent. It's packaged and butchered well. Many different cuts (that we have input on). It really has a great flavor - the beef is delicious. I love having a freezer full of clean beef of many different cuts. An unexpected outcome from this purchase is that I'm trying many different new options cooking-wise. Beef jerky, insta-pot, smoker, you name it, I'm enjoying having all the options - as are my friends and family (the results anyway).
I also love that not only is it a grass fed cow, it's also a single source for all of the ground beef (about 100 or so pounds). Not a random assortmet of cows like every other ground beef I've had. You can tell the difference. I also had the organs ground into the beef. Well worth the investment into my diet (it's a bargain). Just be patient in the process - cows don't grow in trees eh?

Cows grown on trees you say!? We tried that once, ended up with a Moohagony and Mangosteers. We couldn't decided between cutting steaks or making a bookshelf. Hahaha! No really...patience is the key and to the holder will be delivered wonderful beef!!