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Bone Broth : Classic Chicken
Bone Broth : Classic Chicken

Bone Broth : Classic Chicken

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Long cherished by many cultures throughout time Bone Broth is sweeping the nation as people of all backgrounds are learning about the amazing benefits of a well prepared bone broth.

Always a staple in any kitchen, broth has traditionally been used as the foundation for a wide variety of dishes: soups, gravies, sauces, glazes and in conjunction with braising, sauteing and stewing.  All culinary types are fond of bone broth!

Additionally, many people are using bone broth to help heal themselves.  Filled with healthy protein aminos found in collagen bone broth is known to aid digestion, help with creaky joints and nurture digestive issues, especially leaky gut.

Our Bone Broth is second to none. All of our beef broth is made from the bones of the grass-fed, grass-finished cattle that we raise on our farms in Florida.

Why our broth?

Well, not only do we have complete control over every aspect of our animal's lives but we make all our own broth in house.  Our recipe results in a 1/2 pound of whole ingredients in every 8 oz cup of broth. Plus,we slow simmer our chicken broth for at least 48 hours. No one else does that. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Chicken Broth Ingredients: Filtered Water, Pastured Chicken Bones, Chicken Feet, Organic Carrots, Organic Celery, Sea Salt
Broth is packaged in Quart and Pint containers.  Actually liquid volumes are 30 oz and 14 oz due to the expansion when freezing.  Broth is shipped just like our steaks; frozen in styrofoam coolers with dry ice.  While some of the liquid might melt in transit as long as the broth is still cool it is safe to drink or freeze.
Once thawed consume in 7 days for peak freshness or freeze the remainder until ready to use.

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Nancy Ethier

Bone Broth : Classic Chicken

Words cannot describe the wonder of the broth! :)


Excellent, clean and tasty broth. Super easy ordering/delivery.