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Berkshire Sausage : SPICY
Berkshire Sausage : SPICY

Berkshire Sausage : SPICY

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Move over Jimmy Dean, it's time for some Berkshire ground pork breakfast sausage. 

Not all sausage blends need to be sweet, sometimes you want a little kick in the pants when making sausage patties



  • organic black pepper
  • organic red pepper
  • sea salt
  • ancho chili pepper
  • organic paprika
  • organic cayenne
  • organic onion powder
  • organic garlic powder
  • organic rosemary
  • organic thyme

Sausage comes seasoned and ground but you have to make your own breakfast patties!


Size : 1 lb package

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nice Kick for Blended Dishes

Items came well packed and fresh, lean and not full of the normal 'fillers' what a tasty, quality find. This sausage worked great for my Sausage and Peppers Pasta dish which usually requires adding red pepper flakes -- didn't need to with this blend. It is true to its name, spicy, so it worked well in this blended dish which has a cream base; Family loved it!

The spicy sausage sure does pack some heat!

Kate, Naples
Very spicy but delicious

Spicy is a relative and personal designation, so I need to say that I like foods that are moderately spicy but not hot. This sausage was a little too hot for me and so hot for my husband that he couldn't finish the dish I had prepared. Even so, I found the sausage delicious in flavor. It is also the cleanest and leanest pork sausage I have ever bought. I will definitely be a buyer of the mild version in the near future. Thank you for all you do!