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wagyu ribeye steak from arrowhead beef

Wagyu Ribeye

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Hot damn this is a good steak.  Loved by those who've eaten it and desired by those who haven't the Wagyu Ribeye is THE STEAK everyone wants. Beautiful marbled flecks are found within this steak which translates to a juicy, tender and meaty heaven.

Prepare your taste buds for a wild adventure.


All our Wagyu Ribeye steaks are boneless and we offer 3 different grades and 2 different weights. 


Grading Scale

Most beef is graded as Select, Choice or Prime.  Wagyu is such an exquisite beef that it has a grading scale above prime. The grading is done via ultrasound and the entire carcass receives the same grade.  Remember, marbling in a Ribeye will be more distinct than a NY Strip than a Filet.  

The grading is done a 10 point scale with 10 being the highest.  You can consider Prime to be 0 to 2 on that scale.  Our fab groups the grades into 4 categories, we offer 3 of those.

Market grade is 5 and down. 

Classic grade is 6-7.

Signature grade is 8 - 9.  

Reserve grade is 10+

Customer Reviews

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Delicious. Rich. Very tender and consistent texture.
Best Ribeye ever.
That brings us great smiles. Cheers Tony
Very Good!
Fork tender. Need we say more!? Thanks Jeff! Cheers Tony