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comfort foods from Arrowhead Beef
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Comfort Foods

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Comfort Foods are just that, foods that make you feel good. Like those days that your Mom made your favorite Spaghetti and Meatballs or when you’d come inside during winter and smell your Grandma’s famous Beef Stew.

Comfort Foods Include:

  • 6 lbs Ground Beef
  • 4 lbs Bone In Culinary (mix of Ribs and Shank)
  • 2 lbs Soup Bones
  • 3 lbs Stew Meat

Size: Total package size is 15 lbs

Cook: Slow Cook, Braising, Grilling (ground beef)

Customer Reviews

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Lauren W

The variety and quality of the comfort food pack is great, like everything else we've gotten from Arrowhead Beef. "Low and slow" ccoking has produced delicious meals from some of the cuts, and the ground beef has been excellent in chili and cornbread pie. We're very pleased!

Nothing keeps you quite as comfortable and warm on those cold Florida nights like beef chili and cornbread pie :)

Fred M
Perfect selection!

Arrowhead did it again. They sent me some of the best beef I have had in 20 years. Great selection of burger, stew meat, ribs and shank. Just like mom used to make! I will never buy supermarket beef again. Thanks Arrowhead!

Delicious and Convenient

Beef shopping the way we’ve always wanted. I like the convenience of choosing packages of different cuts of beef. The comfort foods package is excellent for our style of cooking. The ground beef is frozen and labeled well for easy cooking. Browns up nicely and tastes great. Stew meat made a delicious beef vegetable stew.