Our Promise

Our Promise

“Raised right and sent off good™”


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[H]erd-life harmony™ is our creed, a promise, which defines how our growers raise the cattle herds destined to become Arrowhead Grass-fed Beef™. In this relationship, cattle are never sent to feedlots or exposed to any industrial beef production. Our co-op raises a sizable, albeit finite quantity of beef available to market during the year. Herd-life harmony™ establishes a sustainable equilibrium of cattle life-cycles and consumer demand.

  • Humanely raised on sustainable family farms & ranches in NW Florida
  • Our beef is NEVER sent to feedlots or ANY industrial beef production
  • Never given Antibiotics
  • Never given Any Added Hormones
  • Never fed corn or grain
  • 100% Fed & finished on grass and forage.
  • No pesticides on the fields
  • Aged to perfection under Arrowhead Beef aging protocols.
  • Parthenais and Parthenais-influenced cattle breed.


road to farm

Raised right and sent off good™ is our motto for live cattle operations, lead by George Fisher, which transcends into super-premium grass-fed beef.

“Raised Right…” is our 100% pasture-raised lifestyle, free from any administered hormones, anti-biotics  or pesticides. No corn or grains are ever fed and cattle are free to pursue their individual curiosities and bonding nature.

“…and Sent Off Good” is everything we do to finish with a low-stress slaughter and hang lean, tender grass-fed beef carcasses on the rail for aging and cutting. Cattle are transported in small groups directly from our pastures to our brand new, USDA-inspected processing partner, Westville Meats.


The Farm

Arrowhead Farm
982 Hutchins Lane
Chipley, FL 32428

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