Cooking Tips

You just received the best damn grass fed beef – Congratulations! Here are a few things to know:


Meat upon arrival-

Meat should arrive frozen or cold.  As long as the package is still cool to the touch you are OK to put it in the freezer (or cook it).   If your meat arrives warm please contact us.


How to Cook (The Basics)

Grass Fed Beef is leaner than conventional beef and cooks FASTER than ordinary supermarket beef.  Pay attention and stay vigilant; 30 Seconds can make the difference between perfect and overcooked.  The nature of Arrowhead Beef is such that the ideal steak is served Medium Rare (the farther past Medium you go the more likelihood of the meat becoming tough)

And Remember…

–  You can always put the steak back on the grill.  But you can never fix TOO DONE.
–  Never cut into or poke your steak while it is cooking; this allows juice to escape and that will result in a less tender        product.
–  If you’re concerned about the steak drying too much while cooking, consider adding an onion or bell pepper slice on top.       These both contain moisture that can be absorbed by the meat while on the grill.


Steak – Hot and Fast For a Medium Rare

Bring steak to room temp (Never thaw in microwave – yuck!)

Optional* Coat with cooking oil (we like grass fed butter, bacon grease, coconut oil or olive oil if that’s all you have)

Add seasoning – We’re purists and usually just use S&P and maybe some herbs or garlic.

Get cooking surface HOT.  After pan is hot, add more cooking oil and allow that to get HOT too.

Place steak on grill / in pan and sear each side.  Total time per side will depend on the steak’s thickness and how hot your surface is.  Generally Thin steaks 60 – 90 seconds / side.  Thick Steaks 2 – 3 minutes / side.

If your steak requires more cooking after it is seared, reduce the temperature and allow to keep cooking up to another 2-3 minutes / side.    This is dependent on your personal preference and surface temp.

Remove from grill / pan and let sit on a warm plate for at least 5 minutes (cold plates cause meat to contract!)

Don’t cut, poke or even look at your steak during this time.  The steak must “rest” before it is served. Resting allows the juices to evenly distribute and significantly impacts the tenderness of your meat.  Now would be a good time to open a bottle of wine and let it breathe.

For most steaks, cutting against the grain is ideal as this process breaks fibers in the meat itself, making it more tender.

Eat & Repeat!


Roasts – Low and Slow

Roasts can be Braised, Stewed or Smoked

It’s recommended to sear the outside of your roast before putting it in the oven or Slo Cooker.  This helps lock in juice and flavor.

Adding liquid to your pan is recommended as well; this will help ensure your roast doesn’t dry too much and stays tender throughout the cooking process.  Wine, water or beef stock are all great options.

Keep the temp low and go about your day.  By evening your roast will be done and ready for dinner.

*Actual cook times depend on roast size, oven temperature and preferred doneness.

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