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About Us

Farm-Direct Grass-fed Beef, from Florida.  Brought to you by Family & Farmer-Owned, Arrowhead Beef, LLC.

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[A]s seen in your local farmers market, the original “farm direct grass-fed beef from Florida”. Arrowhead Beef, LLC provides USDA-inspected, farm-direct, grass-fed beef from Florida.  Co-founded in 2010 by George Fisher, of Chipley, FL and Tom Pellizzetti, Arrowhead Beef is a co-operative of family farms, local processors and sales representatives, known as Market Ambassadors. We take special pride in featuring Parthenais and Parthenais-influenced cattle.

In the spirit of returning to an era of simple, nutritious and locally-grown foods, Arrowhead Beef answered your call.

Florida Grass Fed Beef - floridagrassfed.com[A]rrowhead Beef, LLC is a cooperative of  family farms located near Chipley, on the Florida Panhandle. Cattle are raised in what we call “herd-life harmony™”, and are never sent to feed lots or  to any industrial beef production.  Beef processing and aging is performed in small batches, with utmost integrity & workmanship in local, USDA-inspected facilities.
Specialty cattle breeds, pasture-raised, all-natural  grass-fed nutrition and our aging process combine to produce exceptional Florida grass-fed beef, directly to you.

The Farm

Arrowhead Farm
982 Hutchins Lane
Chipley, FL 32428

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