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Product Description

$700 is Only The Deposit!  Balance paid upon pick up of Half Cow.
The Details

Ever wish you could just fill your freezer and be stocked with Arrowhead Beef all year long?  Well, now you can with our Half Cow option.  With the Half Cow you get literally half of everything, which means not only do you get more premium steaks (did somebody say more Ribeyes?!); you’ll also get some of those interesting cuts that you always wanted to try but never had the courage to (I’m looking at you Osso Bucco).

Plus, with our Half Cow option you get to pick what you want (within reason of course).  You can select things like steak preference (such as Filet & NY Strip or T-Bones), steak thickness, amount of roasts (otherwise cut into stew or ground beef), size of ground beef packs, etc.

How It Works

The prices is $7.69/lb for the hanging weight of the animal (the cow after it’s been killed but before it’s been butchered) The price quote of $700 is ONLY THE DEPOSIT.  We require approximately 1/3 of the final cost in deposit before we schedule your Half Cow order.  The balance will be paid upon pick up. Price is based on hanging weight of an animal.  Meat will be vacuum sealed.

We will call you to confirm when we will schedule your Half Cow; the usual turn around time is 4 weeks from date of order.  At that time we will also give you a custom cut sheet to get your specifications for how you want us to cut your Half Cow.

Of course, please call us at 850 270 8804 if you have any questions.

The Math

An average cow has a hanging weight of 580 lbs. Our typical cows yield 60%-62% from their hanging weight. That means you can expect ~175 lbs of meat in your freezer for your Half Cow order.

The cost would be $7.69 x (580 x .5) = $2,230 (we require a $700 deposit for any Half Cow order)

What are you waiting for – Order your Half Cow today!

Heart, liver, tongue and oxtail available upon request.

Additional information

Weight 170 lbs

The Farm

Arrowhead Farm
982 Hutchins Lane
Chipley, FL 32428

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